Blake has been working as an artist in the game industry for over 10 years.  Starting his first game industry job at the age of 23, he has worked on many interactive titles and projects.



Mandy is a self-taught super passionate programmer that has worked on a large array of projects from mobile, desktop, set top boxes, and game consoles.

Announcement!  KOVA is now on Kickstarter!

Our History

Black Hive Media was founded in 2009, at the beginning of the mobile boom.  The team has over 15 years experience in the game industry spanning across mobile, arcade, PC, and console.  They've worked with and created content for many companies and clients including Aspyr, A&E, Hot Wheels, Guns & Ammo, Roxor, Blewt, Fun in Motion, Blue Goji and many more.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Over 15 years experience
  • Experienced on mobile, PC, and console


Black Hive media is a small agile studio that can adapt to any work environment ...especially places that serve beer.